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Dr. Rowan Page

Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture

W+SN Co-Director

Dr. Rowan Page is the Program Director of Industrial Design at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Rowan conducts research within the Design Health Collab – an interdisciplinary research group at the intersection of design and health. His research is driven by an exploration of the roles of design practice in supporting translational research and medical device development. Completing an industry-embedded PhD in collaboration with Cochlear in 2018, Rowan continues a collaborative practice-based approach to research through partnerships with Blundstone, Cabrini Technologies and researchers in IT, Engineering, and Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. He is an award-winning Industrial Designer and has worked at several leading Australian design consultancies and at General Motors Holden. His research interests include co-design, speculative design, digital fabrication, and the function of designed artefacts as boundary objects within collaborative and interdisciplinary design projects. His research practice has led to a diverse range of traditional and non-traditional research outputs, including multiple manufactured objects, exhibitions, patents and traditional design outputs exploring the translational potential of design and prototyping.

#IndustrialDesign #CoDesign #SpeculativeDesign #DigitalFabricatio #DesignForHealth 

School of Design

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