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Dr Olga Kokshagina

Graduate School of Business and Law

W+SN Co-director

I am an Innovation practitioner, researcher and advocate for open science and entrepreneurship. I lead ISPIM Special interest group on Innovation Management Methods for Industry and act as a Scientific coordinator for ISPIM. I am a hub leader for Melbourne chapter of OneHealthTech grassroots community that aims for a better inclusion in healthtech. As a recipient of a Vice Chancellor Research Fellow at RMIT, I contribute to the Global Business Innovation Enabling Capability Platform. My work is related to several areas: strategic management of design, open & radical innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, I am interested in interdisciplinary organisations set to explore grand challenges in areas such as curing cancer, climate change, energy transition, food scarcity.

#InnovationManagement #StrategicManagement #Creativity&Innovation #IntellectualProperty #Innovation #Entrepreneurship #Technology&Innovation #DesignTheory #Management #Industry

School of Design

Recent  Projects

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