Dr Karen Ann Donnachie

School of Design

Karen ann is a computational artist and designer working within hybrid analogue, technological and social systems in order to speculate on our designed futures. Alongside her studio practice, her artworks and designs have been exhibited internationally through peak institutions and have been widely reviewed and featured in many quality platforms and publications.

Some of Karen ann’s most recent multidisciplinary projects include “LiveDraw” a networked drawing and writing machine; “BookGhosting” a series of low-energy wifi beamers broadcasting content in Milan’s Monumental cemetery; “Delayed Rays of a Star” a custom-built 5-way auto-broadcasting selfie camera; “The Trumpet of the Swan” a custom scribal robot tasked with writing all tweets from user @realdonaldtrump (winner of the Tokyo Type Directors’ Club Award 2019); and most recently “The Library of Nonhuman Books” artificial-intelligence driven book publishing project (winner of the Tokyo Type Directors’ Club Award 2020).

Karen ann’s research enquiry focuses on the human-nonhuman collaborative and community practices made possible by networked, spatially aware systems and devices, aided by Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

School of Design

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