Professor Madhu Bhaskaran

School of Engineering


I am a Professor of Electronic Engineering and co-lead the Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group at RMIT University. My group's work realise thin electronic patches that adhere to the skin that can measure and diagnose, monitoring environment around, on, and within us – while communicating wirelessly. I collaborate with other disciplines and partner with industry to transform the discoveries made at micro/nano-scales into prototypes. I have been named as one of Top 10 Innovators under 35 for Asia (MIT Technology Review 2016). I have also been recognised with a 2017 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher, 2018 Batterham Medal, and 2018 APEC Aspire Prize.

#WearableElectronics #FlexibleSensors #Stretchables #MicroNanoDevices 

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