Professor Olga Troynikov

School of Engineering


Olga’s work focuses on the nexus of functional materials, intelligent garment systems and human-centric engineering. Her research covers the interface between the human body, extreme environments and wearable gear such as workwear, sports and protective systems, therapeutic medical garments. Materials for human performance, recovery and wellbeing, as well as smart interactive textile materials and garment systems are of continuous interest. Olga's professional career encompasses a successful transition from industry to academia. She worked in technical, engineering and senior R&D industry roles, always striving for innovation and applied commercial outcomes. As academic Olga maintains her focus on collaboration with industry partners in solving real-life problems and creating tangible impact.

#HumanCentredEngineering #FunctionalMaterials #SmartTextiles #WearableTechnology #Health&Safety

School of Design

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