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Andrew Brough

School of Management


Andrew is an avid explorer and innovator to create a better society. He lectures at RMIT on entrepreneurship and his PhD research uses advanced wearable technologies and data science to help entrepreneurs understand and improve performance, wellbeing and self-effectiveness. He is expert in trends and technology impacting the future of work, education and health and is passionate about new forms of leadership, learning and collaboration to drive change at the nexus of technology, enterprise and purpose.

He has worked in early stage venture capital (technology and social), supported numerous entrepreneurs and in various roles from entrepreneur to non-executive helped create over 20 new ventures in Europe and Australia. Experienced with corporate, university and social venturing he has worked in Australia, UK, USA and France with organisations including Foundation for Young Australians, Accenture, BBC, Lodestone Innovation Partners, NHS, Young Foundation and UCL. He holds a Master’s Degree in Space Science and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

#Entrepreneurship #WearableTechnology #DataScience #Performance #Wellbeing 

School of Design

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