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Dr Tarryn Handcock

School of Fashion and Textiles

Dr Tarryn Handcock is a cross-disciplinary designer, artist and academic whose work investigates sites for design innovation including the human body and skin. Tarryn’s research connects embodied (human-centred and co-design) approaches, which incorporate experiences and insights of users, with situated (site-responsive) approaches sensitive to social, cultural and environmental contexts of dress. She is particularly interested in how networks of knowledge can inform user-centred design and employs methods including material making, iterative prototyping and speculative design methodologies as part of her practice. Tarryn has published on topics including critical design, the human body, and ethics in creative practice, and is supported by Design Tasmania to show work at MONA FOMA 2020. She specialises in ethics in creative practice and is a College ethics committee member. Tarryn holds a PhD in fashion and textiles from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Design (Honours, University Medal) in object and jewellery design from the College of Fine Art, UNSW. 

#HumanCentredDesign #SiteResponsiveDesign #CoDesign #MaterialKnowledges #Skin

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