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Dr Tom Penney

School of Design

Dr Tom Penney is a lecturer in Digital Media at RMIT University and was previously the Industry Fellow of that program. His contemporary arts practice involves 3D imaging, cross-reality, games technology, artificial intelligence and digital design. Tom was one of the first contemporary artists in Australia and the world to use 3D photogrammetry, laser-scanning and the game engine Unity3D for critical and experimental artistic purposes in a post-digital context. He has exhibited and published nationally and internationally. His PhD research project “Critical Affection” developed an expanded notion of "critical play" and “affection-image” in digital media and games through contemporary art practice. Much of this drew on a series of artworks that critically represented gay online dating apps. His current research considers how digital sorting algorithms enable micro-fascisms on social media platforms. Tom has previously worked in an augmented reality fashion company, Metaverse Makeovers, as well as teaching art and design at Curtin and Monash Universities.

#VirtualReality #3DArt #AugmentedReality #CrossReality #InteractiveArt

School of Design

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