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Dr Toni Roberts

School of Design

Toni Roberts (PhD) is a designer and artist whose work focuses on shaping experiential, spatial and material environments that connect audiences with ideas. Toni’s interpretive projects for museums, zoos, and other public contexts include: The National Capital Exhibition in Canberra, Whittlesea Bushfire Memorial, and Auckland Zoo’s Te Wao Nui/New Zealand from Sea to Sky precinct. Understanding of place and human interaction with the environment are central themes in Toni’s public art and exhibition work. Toni’s creative practice research expands on this through critical examination of human relations with water and playful speculation about evolutionary adaptation. Toni is a founding member of the Critical Intimacies group within the Non-Fiction Lab at RMIT. This research group undertakes creative activities that investigate our intimate entanglements with the material world.

School of Design

Recent  Projects

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