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Professor Babak Abbasi

School of Accounting, Information Systems and Supply Chain


Babak Abbasi is a professor of Business Analytics and Decision Sciences. He uses analytical methods in designing better policies and make better decisions. He is currently working on applications of business analytics models in not-for-profit organisations, healthcare organisations and charities. For example, he recently worked on improving blood supply chain in Australia that helps make better decisions on using donated blood for saving lives. Broadly, his research focuses on industry-motivated quantitative modelling and decision making under uncertainty applied to blood service, healthcare delivery improvement, not for profit organisations and government, supply chain coordination, resources allocation, service operations management and manufacturing.

His research expertise falls in the domain of Operations Research, Stochastic models, Markov Decision Process, Big Data Analytics and Healthcare Analytics. He is an associate editor of Decision Science Journal and regularly reviews papers for Decision Sciences, Omega, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research and International Journal of Production Economics.

#BusinessAnalytics #DecisionSciences #OperationsResearch #Healthcare Analytics #StochasticModels #MarkovDecisionProcess #BigDataAnalytics

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