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Professor Matt Duckham

School of Science


Matt is Professor in Geospatial Sciences in the School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He is also Interim Director of the RMIT Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP (Enabling Capability Platform). His research expertise lies in the fundamentals of distributed spatial computing with big spatial data, such as generated by sensor networks, IoT, and crowdsourced data. His work has been in application areas such as emergency management, health and transportation, and environmental monitoring. Before moving to RMIT University in 2015, he was Professor of Geographic Information Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia. From 2010-2014 Matt was the recipient of a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship in geosensor networks and ambient spatial computing. Prior to coming to Australia in 2004 Matt worked as postdoctoral researcher at the NCGIA (National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis) at the University of Maine, USA.

#GeosensorNetworks #AmbientSpatialComputing #EnablingCapabilityPlatform #CrowdsourcedData

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