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Professor Rajiv Padhye

School of Fashion and Textiles


Over 35 years Rajiv has been involved in the materials research mainly in the field of textile fibres and fabrics. His expertise is in the areas of engineering and analysing fabrics for different applications in Protective and Performance textiles. Rajiv has received many research grants from government and industries to work on projects such as Ballistic and Blast protection, Application of Sensors, nano coatings-nano fibres and Nerve grafting/Tissue engineering in medical textiles.

His research focuses on protective materials and material systems that maximise human health and safety in extreme conditions, enhancing performance and efficiencies of workers such as firefighters, soldiers, police, athletes, health workers and others including the health and wellbeing of elderly.

Rajiv has collaborated with government and industry partners in Australia and internationally on technology-based projects, resulting in rapid application and commercialisation of research outcomes.

Rajiv is a chartered Textile Technologist and Fellow of the Textile Institute, UK. Rajiv has published research outcomes on widely differing topics in high-ranking journals.

#ProtectiveMaterials #PerformanceMaterials #MaterialSystems #TextileTesting #Health #Wellbeing

School of Design

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