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Professor Renata Kokanović

School of Global, Urban and Social Studies


Renata Kokanović is Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University. She has extensive expertise in interdisciplinary health research, and specialises in narrative research examining health and illness experiences. Renata’s research focuses on the lived experiences of psychiatric diagnoses, disability, and chronic conditions, as well as experiences of informal support and care. She is also interested in diagnostic technologies, health decision-making, experience-based co-production, and digital media in health communication. Based in the Social and Global Studies Centre, Renata leads the Health, Society and Medicine Research Program which generates critical understandings of lived experience of health and illness in diverse social contexts. Combining empirical research with interdisciplinary theoretical scholarship that has real world relevance, Renata collaborates with a broad range of industry partners and contributes research on health service users’ experiences in the co-design of healthcare and policy improvements. Her most recent work has involved industry collaborations with Healthdirect Australia, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Mind Australia Limited, Wellways, Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, Tandem Carers, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Women’s Health Victoria, and Breast Cancer Network Australia.

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