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Professor Stephen Robinson

School of Health and Biomedical Sciences


Professor Stephen Robinson is Head of Psychology at RMIT University, a Director of Brain Foundation (Australia), a Director of NeuroTest (Pty Ltd), and holds patents for a computer-based test of cognition. Before coming to RMIT, Stephen was based in the discipline of Psychology at Monash University (1999-2012), where he established and ran the Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience degree, and for a period served as Head of Psychology. Stephen is interested in how factors external to the brain can adversely affect the brain and cognitive function. Since the 1990's Stephen has been investigating the origins of Alzheimer's disease. His Brain and Cognitive Health Group is currently exploring how obstructive sleep apnoea, diet and vibration affect cognitive performance.

#ObstructiveSleepApnoea #NeurodegenerativeDiseases

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