2018, Ongoing

Using wearable sensor technology to advance entrepreneurship research

Around the world entrepreneurs create change and add value to society and the economy.

#Entrepreneurship #Emotion #Effectiveness #DecisionMaking #WearableSensors

2019, Ongoing

Smart Gyroid Sole

Developing a novel technique to create digital models of bespoke shoe inserts based on the 3D images of a user’s feet.

#ProductDesign #Healthcare

2017, Ongoing

The CaT Pin

The CaT Pin is a discreet, low-cost wearable to detect loneliness.

#WearableTechnologies #Health #AgedCare #Personalisation #HumanCentredDesign

2019, Ongoing

Salient Sounds

The use of interactive sound to enhance motion awareness and motivate human movement.

#ProductDesign #Sound


Smart Heart necklace

The Smart Heart necklace was a two year collaboration with St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, RMIT University, and the Nossal Institute for Global Health; funded by Gandel Philanthropy. 

#HeartDisease #ProductDesign #Healthcare #HumanCentredDesign

2020, Ongoing

The Drone Chi Project

Direct manipulation of a drone by the body to cultivate an awareness of breath, balance and co-ordination.

#ProductDesign #Drones

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