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Smart Heart necklace

Project Team


Associate Professor Leah Heiss 

Associate Professor Keely Macarow

Associate Professor Paul Beckett 

Industry Partner 

St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

The Nossal Institute for Global Health

The Smart Heart necklace was a two year collaboration with St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, RMIT University, and the Nossal Institute for Global Health; funded by Gandel Philanthropy. 


The project is a wearable cardiac monitor necklace with the capacity to collect, store and remotely transmit cardiac data collected over an extended period for analysis by medical professionals. The neckpiece is aimed at patients who have recently suffered a heart attack or who are experiencing heart rhythm problems and aims to replace the bulky cardiac holter monitor with something that is more integrated into people's daily lives.

#HeartDisease #ProductDesign #Healthcare #HumanCentredDesign

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