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2020, Ongoing

The Drone Chi Project

Project Team


Joe La Delfa

Emma Luke


Professor James Harland

Associate Dean, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering 

Dr Ian Peake 

Director, VX Lab 

Matiu Bush 

Deputy Director, Health Transformation Lab 

Dr Abdulghani Mohammed 

Senior Lecturer, Aerospace Engineering and Aviation 

The past decade has seen an increased number of guidelines and programs developed to improve the assessment and treatment of falls risk. Drone Chi employs direct manipulation of a drone by the body to cultivate an awareness of breath, balance and co-ordination. Aesthetically inspired by Tai Chi, the drone responds to small changes in movement, breath and balance, the working system has been demonstrated numerous times most notably at the International Conference of Human-Computer Interaction (Glasgow) and the CISCO x RMIT Health Transformation Lab Launch

#ProductDesign #Drones

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