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2018, Ongoing

Using wearable sensor technology to advance entrepreneurship research

Project Team


Professor Pia Arenius

Andrew Brough

Imran Ture

Nauman Aslam

Vural Aksakalli

Around the world entrepreneurs create change and add value to society and the economy. If entrepreneur’s performance and wellbeing can be improved this can be of great benefit to the individual and society as a whole. We aim to deliver insights that drive better decisions, actions and innovative outcomes. 


How can we help people learn to become better entrepreneurs? Can we help entrepreneurs to understand better their emotions and behaviours to improve their performance and wellbeing?


We are answering these questions using advances in wearable sensors and data analysis to gain insights into entrepreneurs’ behaviours and emotions, to increase our understanding of how entrepreneurs make decisions, sustain action and manage emotions through the day to day mental and physical demands of life and to support greater wellbeing and performance for more sustainable and reflective entrepreneurial action.


In the coming years wearables and intelligent data analysis will become part of our daily lives in how we work, live and play. This project will influence our understanding of entrepreneurial performance and wellbeing and enable solutions to be translated to support better learning, support and investment in entrepreneurs in our society.

#Entrepreneurship #Emotion #Effectiveness #DecisionMaking #WearableSensors

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